“The only journey is the one within”

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Here are my entries from my past week of learning. It’s like I have been able to jump one of the cliffs in this ‘mountain climbing’.

August, 14 2019: 2:22pm

I posted my weekly coding diary on medium today. A depressing story, haha.
Even after posting my lamentations, I didn’t get myself to code (writing this on Thursday)

Also, that post summarizes why I haven’t coded and said anything here, things were getting tough. It felt like a relief… I watched a couple of stories on learning code while having other commitments like a full-time job. Yoh! It is possible, I mean, if other people did it, it surely can be done and I can do it!

So today(Thursday) I’ve made some progress and the highlights are on the day’s entry.

There is a light at the end of a tunnel, remember.

August 15, 2019; 10.22am

Morning of Friday,
cold Nairobi morning.

I thought I would have a good internet connection at home yesterday but I didn’t and that’s why I’m writing this entry on Friday.

I also did FCC applied visual design which is more of making your texts and general appearance of what you’re working on more appealing. It’s really based on what you want the feel and mood of your project to carry. That is applied visual design in a nutshell.

I am still on AVD and I’ll be learning that, say up to the weekend.
I have also finished preparing the doc that has all the curriculum topics for FCC, I’m planning to print it out also for Andela Homestudy I’ll check how to arrange the topics.

Also started on building a survey form, it’s one of the FCC responsive web design projects. I’m working on it on codepen, something simple, I know, but I want to try.

I just remembered that a lady asked me to revamp their WordPress website and to be honest, that was stashed at the back of my mind until yesterday(Thursday), it’s a scary big project, haha… I don’t why the lady thought I could do something better on their website, if she reads this diary she may rethink her decision, haha… I guess she believes I can do this?

Shouldn’t I believe so too?

August 16, 2019; 10:28am

“The only journey is the one within” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Found a title for my next coding diary blogpost. That speaks to me, I like the quotes from FCC there is a way they set you on fire.

My learning journey is within, the light is shining, it’s picking its brightness step by step. With each step, each little win, it shines brighter.
Off to code!
I have created a little win today. Listed down the topics I want to cover in the checklist before learning and when I do I come cross off the list! Bomb! Let’s do dis!

Back after coding;
I have done 99% of today’s tasks, except for the plural sight video, I’ll do that, So cheers to today’s little wins.
ALC learners, those who got passed ALC phase one have been invited to phase two, I’m not part of phase two but learning still continues!

I’m also finding stories of people on youtube on their coding journeys and seeing the kind of work they’re doing is helping put me on track.
I feel I can do better with managing my time and the number of resources I’m using and the projects I want to work on or should be working on. Need to align that well.

August 17, 2019; 23minutes ago

I thought I would have internet but I guess I won’t be able to do anything much this weekend.

August 18, 2019; 14minutes ago

Writing this on Monday,

My last diary entry has some engagement! (from Y of course) What!!
You know what that is Gracie? A fuel to keep you going!

So a round-up for the week,
It’s a potential crisis not having internet on the weekends and evenings. My internet connection is very well supplied at work and at home from my neighbour who is generous enough to let us use his WI-FI but it has been down the past week and this weekend, so the only other option I have for weekend internet is at a library in town, and that means being MIA at home as I’ll have to leave earlier, code then attend to other activities that I sometimes organize.

So I need to foresee this internet issue when there is a potential of not having good connection over the weekend. If not then I distribute work to be done over the weekend during the week and make better use of my breaks at work. Haha, that doesn’t sound fun. TBH.


That’s it for this week! As you can see, a hurdle has been passed and it’s now a matter of moving forward, to always keep moving forward with the goal in mind, with unclouded eyes and positive energy. After all, anything’s possible!

ps, I know there is a lot I need to map out regarding my learning, having a timeline, attending meetups, networking with others in the tech space and sharing my story!

So far, my learning platform has been;

free code camp( https://www.freecodecamp.org/),

Andela Homestudy( https://homestudy.andela.com/) and

Pluralsight( https://www.pluralsight.com/).


Want to join my trello daily coding log? Hit me up! (alert: more insights into my learning)

Link to my last coding diary; https://medium.com/@gracegathoni/facing-reality-98d32444b2ea

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