Usability evaluation and site redesign

For this challenge, I picked a young couple living in Nairobi and want to travel to Rome to visit one of the seven wonders of the world — Colosseum, other than this great adventure, they would also like to receive sposi novelli blessing, a special blessing by the pope for newlywed couples.

The newlywed couple have been planning their honeymoon since they got engaged six months ago. They have been juggling corporate and side hustle jobs and they both managed to save enough money to travel to Rome. Their wedding budget was also not overstretched…

Money transfer: Bank Account to Mpesa

I choose to create a wireframe version of the user flow of a banking app that gives the option to transfer money from a bank account to mobile via Mpesa: a mobile money app, as mobile money tends to be more efficient and a process that I use quite frequently.

User flow: Mobile money transfer

Any banking app in Kenya has an option to transfer money from ones account to their mobile via Mpesa. Mobile money has taken root over the years, and mobile money transactions are widely available including payment of bus fare…

Nowadays, commuting has become so much a part of our lives that as with anything else, there is need to make it more enjoyable and with less hustle. There are various apps that have now been introduced to make moving from one place to another less of a burden and also time managing. There are private car options as well as public transport options, and so with a swipe on the screen, you can book a taxi or a bus taking away the hustle of waiting in line and failed ticket vending machines.

Citymapper is a public transport app and…

Coding diaries nuggets

Think of your favourite blog sites, news sites, and all the junk you like to keep up with, (good junk of course, like popping in KFC) and how many tabs you need to open on your browser to keep up with all them of them at once, because hey, we are experts at multi-tasking!

RSS feeds save us the labour of having a jungle in our browser and simplify our multi-tasking and saves us TIME for getting our daily junks.

Coding diaries

This has been my favorite learning week. I finished Applied Visual Design challenges (Free Code camp) and set out to begin Applied Accessibility. I must say, however, I may have been learning on auto-pilot, for the sake of crossing off my to-do list but that has also made me code for 6 days straight and built up momentum and courage. My coding entries have also changed from blurbing about my feelings to a get-it-done rhythm and also enjoying the process. …

Coding diaries!

This is my coding log for the past week. It’s been four weeks in and it has been tears, doubts, failures and little wins. At this point, my mind is ready to give up, there is no instant gratification in learning something new. It takes practice and showing up each day to learn and that builds up the blocks of knowledge and skills that you’re acquiring and doing that every day is not easy.

It’s also easy to slack off at this point, knowing how crazy my schedule is, it’s tempting to throw my hands in the air…

coding diaries

Here are my entries from my past week of learning. It’s like I have been able to jump one of the cliffs in this ‘mountain climbing’.

August, 14 2019: 2:22pm

I posted my weekly coding diary on medium today. A depressing story, haha.
Even after posting my lamentations, I didn’t get myself to code (writing this on Thursday)

Also, that post summarizes why I haven’t coded and said anything here, things were getting tough. It felt like a relief… I watched a couple of stories on learning code while having other commitments like a full-time job. Yoh! …

coding diaries

Solo learning week 2

The following coding diary is my current state. It’s as if my mind has put on a roadblock, everything that makes this journey seem hard is holding me back, this soon.

August 4, 2019; 9:32pm


I’ve posted my story on medium, the daily comments that I write here. I have also been thinking about how best I can organize myself to code every day as this is a daily coding log.

So that was it for today, a breather to reflect on the past week and prepare for the coming week.

Also, I’m…

Coding diaries

Here I am, daring to share my story on medium, my learning journey and sharing that with the whole world. It feels like frying myself on a pan. I thought of doing this yesterday, I was at ALC4.0 meetup and one of the things that was pointed out in setting your foot in software development is talking about what you do.

Bridget Jones’s diary came up because the previous day (Friday evening) I was at Sarit and passed by Text Book Center and lo and behold they had a mini book sale and Bridget Jones was on the…

Grace Njoroge

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